Cosmos is among the prominent supplier of extensive range of Cassette Air Conditioners. We offer wide range of AC with different specifications and wide customizable options. Every product we carry are energy efficient and updated techniques ensures that our clients get high functionality and durability. For maximum client satisfaction, we maintain highest standards in the industry when it comes to maintenance services.

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Product: Ceilling Concealed Ductables
Capacity in Tons: 1.5 , 2 , 2.5 , 3, 4

Efficiency Meter
Have you ever come across an air conditioner that tells you how efficiently it is running? Chances are, never! The Efficiency Meter on your Trane Interactive Remote displays real-time information on your Trane Interactive AC’s energy consumption. You always stay in control of your energy savings with a Trane Interactive AC.

Trane Weather-Sync Mode
It is always a challenge to find a setting on the AC that best utilises energy and provides comfort too. Just a push of a button on the Trane Interactive Remote, however, can manage all this. Trane Mode sets the most suitable temperature for your room by reading the temperature outside through its Outdoor Sensor. So you get maximum efficiency without compromising on your comfort.

Turbo Mode
Where regular ACs just dump cool air in your room, a Trane Interactive AC through its ‘Turbo Mode’ ensures that effective cooling reaches every corner of your room with powerful air throw of up to 1,110 CMH within minutes. What’s more, the indoor unit has an aerodynamic design for powerful airflow distribution across the room.

Multi-room Control
Up to eighteen Trane Interactive ACs can be controlled by a single Trane Interactive Remote in your home. Isn’t that amazing? And that too from anywhere in the house. With Multi-Room Control, switch your Trane Interactive ACs on or off, change set-points or fan speeds of any Trane Interactive AC in any room of your home.

No Pointing
You no longer need to shift your position to point your remote at your AC for the two to be able to talk to each other. Trane Interactive ACs and Remote work on new-age Zigbee technology allowing them to communicate with each other without you having to be in the vicinity. Where other AC remotes work on infra-red technology which requires line of sight to operate.

Service Alerts
The unique Trane Interactive Remote for your Trane Interactive AC provides alerts that are clear, crisp, easy-to-understand and actionable. There’s no need to refer to your Owner’s Guide to decipher any alphanumeric codes or complicated messages.

Low Noise
Despite their powerful air throw, Trane Interactive ACs work very silently. They’ve been designed using advanced aerodynamic techniques to give you a peaceful in-home environment at all times.

Purity Filter
Trane Interactive ACs come with a special Biological Enzyme and Eco filter (BE filter) that catches the tiniest of airborne dust particles and neutralises bacteria, fungi and microbes.


Product: Ceilling Concealed Ductables
Capacity in Tons: 1.5 , 1.85 ,2 , 2.7 , 3.5, 4

Ultra-compact design
The 270mm high indoor unit saves installation space.

Easy installation and service
Air intake can be positioned either at the back or below.
Easy wiring and piping connections.
Expensive duct work not required.

Super quiet operations
Indoor unit only 31dB(A) at low speed, outdoor unit only 50dB(A).