Centrifugal Chiller plays one of the most important roles in a large industrial buildings and factories. They are the most economical means to cool large buildings. They also play a important part when a industrial building is designed.

Cosmos will guide with our expertise in the field, while you setup your industrial building and avoid any major pitfalls. We have expertise to design and execute a high quality and high efficient chillers. We make sure that your industrial complex operates at the most energy efficient level and provide you the best performance

Our Solutions are always keeping in mind the following factors regardless of the client requirements and needs.

» Outstanding reliability
» Low sound levels
» Compact size
» High efficiency 
» Designed to use environmentally responsible refrigerant.

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Product: Centrifugal Chillers
Capacity in Tons: 200 – 1000 Tons

Highest efficiency
 best-in-class efficiencies for a centrifugal chiller in the 180 through 390 ton range.

Ultra quiet operation
 industry-leading sound levels – typically less than 70 dBA – make it perfect for sound-sensitive applications.

Proven reliability
 an industrial-grade oil-free solution, featuring technologies designed to last the life of the centrifugal chiller, including an advanced bearing system proven through more than a decade of field operation … available with a 10-year parts, labor and refrigerant warranty – 100 percent backed and fulfilled by Trane.

Compact size
fits through standard 72 x 80 inch double doors, and features a bolt-together design for easy disassembly to pass through smaller openings when access is tight.