Cosmos Aircon – We bring energy-efficiency to your doorstep.

Cosmos Aircon’s priority is providing eco-friendly and energy-efficient world-class products and services to our clients. With unparalleled quality of service and total reliability , we intend to achieve leadership status in the market by providing ‘top of the chart’ air conditioning solutions and after sales service. Our principle aim is to bring eco-friendly, yet innovative technology air-conditioning solutions to each one of you. We are proud of the ground-breaking technology implemented in each of our solutions . With an experience spanning 15 years of being in the air-conditioning business, we are experts in our domainand know which air-conditioner is best for you. It is for this reason we have many happy customers, and our list is growing every single day.

We deliver high standard air-conditioning to the world. Our added strength here is that we also give you world class maintenance solutions and after sales service.