Cosmos offers wide range of mini chillers, which are suitable for small commercial and new construction or renovation projects. Technologically, normally used in large commercial systems are now adapted for small commercial use as well. Cosmos adapting the latest technology and these customized mini chillers made to handle low and varying loads efficiently. By adapting it in one your commercial business, you can maximize the overall performance and contribute to the environment.

Mini chillers are low on noise/near silent operation and coolant in pipe work is water so its not harmful to the environment at all.

Cosmos will help you find the best solution for your business.

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Product: Mini Chillers
Capacity in Tons: 3- 30 Tons


The KOOLMAN 500 is superbly styled. The excellent appearance makes the chiller ideal for architecturally sensitive applications. The contemporary appearance blends into any neighborhood.

Small Footprint

All units are able to be installed in confine spaces. The small size and low profile of these units make them ideal for retrofit and renovation applications as well as new installation.

Noise Level

KOOLMAN 500 chillers use low noise fans and components, making the KOOLMAN 500 chiller a quiet unit.

Easy Service

Our design allows you to remove any or all panels for service. We have paid careful attention to service details, and all units feature coded wiring, hinged control boxes, and mechanical controls for easy service.

Simple Installation

Each chiller is charged with full factory refrigerant and oil charge further reducing field labor, materials, and installation cost. All units are factory run tested. Only power supply and water pipings are required to be connected on the jobsite