Cosmos provides Energy-Efficient Chillers to suit any weather conditions for any kind of industrial property. Able to perform at high ambient temperatures that are frequently encountered by the industries today. Cosmos has the expertise to install for your industry according to your requirements. They are able to handle varying load applications due to their multiple compressor configurations.

We want our clients to feel the difference in the efficiency and be part of our passion for energy savings. These are the basic features of a normal scroll chiller and anything specific can be customized by our team of experts upon client’s request.


» Intelligent microprocessor control for optimal cooling
» Power saving
» Auto distribution of load for efficient running
» Energy-efficient compressors and reliability
» Capacity modulation for ensuring that right amount of compressors operate to handle the load
» Low Infrastructure cost
» Silent Operation

We are Authorized Dealer for

Product: Scroll Chillers
Capacity in Tons: 20 – 70

The 20 to 70 ton water-cooled chiller model CGWQ is factory assembled, charged and fully run tested in the lab before shipment to help ensure trouble-free start-up. Chillers are equipped with compressors, condenser, evaporator and controls.

The industrial-grade design for this model CGWQ water-cooled chiller is ideal for office buildings and commercial/industrial facilities. They install easily and quickly for comfort or process cooling applications.

Range of Applications

  • Comfort cooling
  • Low temperature process
  • Thermal storage/ice making
  • High condenser temperature


  • 20-30 ton units are single circuited (2 scroll compressors)
  • 40-70 ton units are dual circuited (4 scroll compressors)
  • Factory run test of completed chiller – 8 hours at full and part load
  • Ability to generate up to 130°F leaving condenser water temperature for heat recovery applications
  • Dual circuit units include condenser headers for single water connections
  • Shell and tube condensers with FPT connections
  • Victaulic evaporator connections
  • Standard factory insulation
  • Optional integral water regulating valve
  • Model CGWQ is Compatible with BACnet MS/TP or IP, LonTalk, Modbus, or N2