The compact size of self-contained systems make them ideal for installation under a bunk or bench or in a locker or closet, yet are powerful enough to be ducted to two or more areas.

Self-contained direct expansion air conditioning systems are a standard solutions for the cooling or heating of small or confined interior spaces, or as auxiliary units to cool engine rooms and electronics storage. These self-contained compact size make them ideal for installation under a bunk or in a locker or closet, yet powerful enough to be ducted to 2 or more areas.

Cosmos has the expertise and product line from various top manufacturers for giving you the best solution for your commercial business. Air Conditioner having scroll compressor technology in air-cooled and water cooled options. We offer wide range of capacities and models.


» Power saving
» Part load operations
» Flexibility & redundancy
» Smart micro processor control
» Designed for speedy project completion

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Product: Self Contained
Capacity in Tons: 7.5- 20 Tons

No Water Required
You will find the efficiency, flexibility, and unobtrusive styling of the SRUB models. The SRUBs are hard to be beaten especially for the scarely water in the local area, and high-rise office buildings. The SRUB get along fine without cooling by water. And this is another kind of Trane products which can serve the requirement in nearly every application.

Designed For You
• Light and compact.
• Available in 7.5, 9, 10.5, 13.5, 16, 18 and 20 ton capacity

Quality and Reliability
• Scroll compressors are available from 7.5 to 20 tons with excellent reliability and high efficiency.
• Dual compressors and independent circuits are standard in the SRUB160-SRUB250 models.

Maximum Efficiency
• Lower noise operation and higher efficiency with the new generation higher EER Scroll Compressor.
• 64% fewer parts than a comparable capacity reciprocating compressor.

System Advantage
• Factory assembly reduces installation costs – no field assembly is needed.
• No need for external heat ex-changers, water towers and other space requirement.