VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) and VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) are innovative climate control technologies that allow for changes in temperature in different parts of a building at different times of day.
You get complete control to set the ambient temperature required and the automatic system will maintain the room at the temperature at any cost.
With VRF/VRV technology, however, the desired temperature is set on the user control panel and the system will constantly adapt and change with the external conditions to maintain that temperature without further user interference. It does this by ensuring that the air introduced into the room is cooled or heated to the correct temperature with cooling or heating automatically adjusted. The temperature of air introduced to different rooms will differ according to the conditions in that location.
At Cosmos, we have the experience and the technology at our disposal to get you the best VRF/VRV for you. We deal with the top brands in VRF/VRV technology and offer you the most cost effective and energy efficient.

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Product: VRF
Capacity in Tons: 3 – 84 HP
Rating: 3 star, 5 star, Inverter

Industry-leading efficiency ratings of up to 31 IEER/30 SCHE come from the innovative VRF design, high-performance variable-speed compressors and other advanced design features that also improve reliability and longevity.

Trane® VRF technology makes it possible to give each room in a building individual heating and cooling control. Unused rooms’ climate controls can be switched off entirely. The result is exceptional comfort and efficiency.

Zone level (Up to 16)
Centralized level (up to 128 indoor units)
Integrated building level (multiple VRF systems)
Integrated connectivity (for control using any web-connected device)

Trane® VRF systems work seamlessly with Trane Tracer controls, which use exclusive algorithms to efficiently direct system operation—including multi-system installations that integrate Trane® VRF units with other Trane HVAC products.

With smaller equipment size and refrigerant pipes instead of ductwork, Trane® VRF systems take up
much less space than forced-air systems—a benefit that’s especially important in existing structures.

User-selectable night operation mode can reduce sound output even further: by up to 15db.

This maximum length exceeds the limitations of many competing systems; in many installations, a Trane® VRF system can occupy the rooftop instead of a mid-floor’s mechanical room, freeing up valuable interior floor space.


Product: VRV/VRF
Capacity in Tons: 3 – 84 HP

  • Available in 208-230V and 460V with sizes ranging from 6 to 42 tons
  • AHRI 1230 certified
  • Cooling range: 14 to 122ºF DB
  • Heating range: -13 to +61ºF WB
  • High Side Shell (HSS) Inverter DC Scroll Compressors in all outdoor units improve system efficiencies; dual inverter compressors in larger models
  • Vapor Injection maximizes heating capabilities through two-stage compression of refrigerant
  • Compressor speed range: 15Hz to 150Hz for better partial load operation
  • High Pressure Oil Return (HiPORTM) features a separate inlet pipe from the oil separator to the compressor, returning oil directly to the compressor–mixing oil and refrigerant is reduced
  • Smart Oil Control  adds a sensor to the compressor for direct oil level sensing; oil recovery cycle is only initiated when level is too low, eliminates timed oil return cycles
  • Optimized defrost for your locale: Choose Full Unit and/or Split Coil operation single frame outdoor units
  • Full System and/or Split Frame Defrost added to heat pump outdoor units
  • Higher elevation piping distances: indoor unit to indoor unit elevation height differential up to 131 feet maximum
  • No common pipe necessary in dual and triple heat pump systems allows for easier installation
  • Compact size footprint where space is a premium

Product: VRV/VRF
Capacity in Tons: 3 – 84 HP

Compact Design – Industry leading weight saving
The manageability of the outdoor unit has been improved due to a drastic reduction in its weight, leading to easy transportation, installation, and reduction in withstand load.
Effective Use of Space
The new models have a smaller foot print and service space requirement than previous models.

Industry leading space saving
The downsized outdoor unit can be transported through a 800 mm wide door.

Low Noise Levels New Fan Design
CITY MULTI VRF systems led the introduction of larger single fan motors some ten years ago, achieving substantially lower noise levels over multiple designs.

Continuing the development in the areas of blade shape and weight, Mitsubishi Electric have managed to achieve even higher performance and lower noise levels. To reduce noise levels further and comply with inner city residential noise regulations, all outdoor units include low noise mode. This function works by lowering the fan speed and compressor frequency proportionally with reduction in demand.

R410A Pipe Sizing
As R410A has a higher specific heat capacity than R22, the pipework is smaller. This means the pipe itself is cheaper, easier to install and less riser space is required within the building.

Blue Fin Treatment
The anti-corrosion Blue Fin treatment of the heat exchanger is especially effective in urban environments where the traffic pollutions can damage the aluminum fins reducing the capacity and life expectancy of the unit. All CITY MULTI R410A outdoor units have been treated with Blue Fin.

Easy Maintenance
Even when one of the indoor units in the system is under maintenance, the other indoor unit can still operate.